Content Creation


VoetbalDirect, the largest online football retailer in the Benelux, were on the lookout for a new social media partner to build their social media presence and brand awareness.

Our objective was to conceptualise and produce authentic social media campaigns that would elevate VoetbalDirect’s online visual identity, whilst organically growing their online football community. The campaign needed to highlight the inclusivity of the nation’s favourite game, reflective of the large VoetbalDirect community, to inspire and motivate their followers to get involved and play football.

During a very busy football year, standing out from the crowd was crucial to our success; it enabled us to generate maximum engagement and impact, to crush our shared social goals.


A new kit for the WEURO'S


A new season full excitement awaits​

The start of a new football season is always special. To kick off the new season, VoetbalDirect desired to launch a campaign video that captures the authentic and raw emotion of the beginning of a new season on the amateur pitches in the Netherlands. We created this video. Football is back! Are you game?



Take a peak in our Wonderworld

VoetbalDirect challenged Wannahaves to produce a truly unique campaign to promote national football team jerseys, sold online during UEFA EURO 2020™. Nowadays, the country you’re from doesn’t determine the jersey that you wear. Our community wears the jersey of their favourite players regardless of what team they play for. Therefore we had to think outside of the box and include all participating nations. And that’s what we did! We created an Instagram-first campaign in which we showed all the particular aspects of the different teams participating in EURO 2020.